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Who runs the world? Girls, says Beyonce and damn she’s right! Today women are more than just coy, pretty looking sexual individuals. It’s abs, hams, quads instead of handbags. We are talking about female trainers cum bodybuilders. They lift iron and if that’s not enough they teach you how to lift iron. THE ERA The […]

Who runs the world? Girls, says Beyonce and damn she’s right! Today women are more than just coy, pretty looking sexual individuals. It’s abs, hams, quads instead of handbags. We are talking about female trainers cum bodybuilders. They lift iron and if that’s not enough they teach you how to lift iron.


The golden era of female trainers and bodybuilders began back in 1980’s. Prior to 1977 bodybuilding strictly belonged to men. While I was going through some of the interviews female bodybuilders gave, I noticed society was (and probably is) extremely rude to women who build muscle. People feel women who build muscle lose their femininity and become a man. But actually, they are still women at heart and mind with the same amount of feelings so it’s inhuman to be rude to them.


Like male bodybuilders, these women put hours of real hard work no matter what, while most of us can’t even be regular with our daily walking regime. I believe it’s nothing but lack of wisdom and education. Men surely do feel intimidated by women with muscle and for them, training with a female trainer is just unacceptable. Today, with their devotion these women have claimed the fitness industry with their own gyms and give one-on-one personal training. Most of the successful female trainers come from different states of America. They are huge and beautiful. They are more than just a hot body. What they represent shows their devotion, hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that no money can buy. Women like Nikki Fuller, Lenda Murray, and Dianna Dennis are fine examples of female body builders.


  1. Alicia Marie


    Image Source : steadystrength

    You talk about most successful fitness female trainers and the first name you will hear is Alicia Marie. She’s one of the very few African- American fitness trainers cum leaders that has made to the top of the list in every possible fitness magazine. She has made it to oxygen magazine over 10 times. She not afraid to kick some man butt and is an inspiration to loads of women around.

  2. Jamie Eason


    Image Source : cbsnews

    Well, Jamie is my personal favorite. She is not too bulky, not too masculine but just perfect. Eason has won the title of World’s fittest model competition. She’s columnist with oxygen magazine and also a trainer and writer with the famous bodybuilding.com. Besides fitness she’s a pro when it comes to nutrition with her mouth-watering healthy recepies that you can totally hog on without a shadow of a doubt. Go follow her girls.

  3. Jennifer Nicole Lee


    Image Source : cdn26

    CBS news named lee as ‘America’s sexiest fitness mom’. Jennifer has made to over 30 fitness magazine covers. She is also the creator of a famous fitness program called JLN fusion that emphasizes more on interval cardio training. She has been featured on many famous shows and one them being ‘The OPRAH Show’. Jennifer also shared the title Ms. Muscle and Fitness with Alicia Marie in a fitness magazine in 2006. Along with being a fitness enthusiast, she’s a business woman too. Jennifer Nicole Lee owns two clothing lines by the name JNL clothing specializing in gym wear.

  4. Jillian Michaels


    Image Source : pepperminting

    The real trainer of the TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’ was Jillian Michaels. Besides this, she has been an integral part of a number of fitness related TV shows like ‘Losing it with Jillian’ and ‘The Doctors’. As a personal Trainer Jillian has held two personal training certificates from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She’s is a mother to two children. Along with her DVD’s she has also authored books that have made to New York’s best sellers list.

  5. Jackie Warner


    Image Source : jackiewarner

    Along with being a well-known celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner is most known for her TV show ‘The Work Out’. She’s a huge fan of power circuit training method. She says “I can do 45 lb. dumbbell presses, 80 lb rows and 300 lb leg presses all to failure, which takes 15 reps and 4 combos with no rest in between.” Beat that, boys.

  6. Jeanette Jenkins


    Image Source : pinterest

    She is referred to as ‘The Hollywood Trainer’. She is the answer to a number of celebrity’s fitness regime. Kelly Rowland, Queen Latifah, P!nk to name a few. Jenkins is the founder of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company. Jeanette is the host of Lifetime Television’s “My Workout: Powered by Podfitness.com”. She has also been signed for Nike corp.’s Elite Athletes program as one of the seventeen experts.

This article has been reposted from our magazine by Gunjan Agnihotri.


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