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Here is a guide to all the do’s and dont’s of yoga. With this easy nad simple guide you can perfect the art of practising yoga to maximise its benefits and lead a healthier, fitter and fuller life. For a beginner, you can also check out these 11 Yoga apps to catch up with for […]

Here is a guide to all the do’s and dont’s of yoga. With this easy nad simple guide you can perfect the art of practising yoga to maximise its benefits and lead a healthier, fitter and fuller life.

For a beginner, you can also check out these 11 Yoga apps to catch up with for a better experience.

Time for Practicing Yoga

“Early to bed and early to rise makes man healthy, wealthy and wise”

  • Early morning, one to two hours before sunrise is the best time for yoga.
  • As such, for yoga, there is no sacred time. Yoga can be practised any time of the day.
  • Precaution: You must pass bowels before practising yoga.
  • Do not eat anything before yoga. If taking meals, they should be consumed 3 hours before practising yoga, but if you are thirsty then you can drink water.
  • Try to maintain a regular time for practising yoga.
  • Yoga should be practised on the hard floor, using a mat or rug for sustaining yourself.
  • Ideally, yoga should be performed outdoors.
  • For practising indoors, make sure that wherever you perform yoga, the room should be levelled, spacious, ventilated and have no or minimum
  • Perform about 30 minutes to one hour of yoga daily for obtaining better results.

 Before Starting Yoga Pose

  • While performing yoga asanas, the mind must always be at peace.
  • You should fill your mind with peaceful and serene thoughts; turn away your thoughts from the materialistic world and concentrate them to the inside.
  • You have to make sure that you are not tired. It will make you incapable of focusing on the yoga asanas.

During The Yoga Pose


Image source: Apithonor from flickr.com

  • Deeply focus all your concentration on the yoga asana you are performing to obtain a maximum
  • Always remember that while performing an asana; it is very important to pay attention to your breathing. You should either follow the particular directions for breathing if valid for a certain asana or, carry out regular rhythmic breathing.
  • During practising yoga, if you feel the need to go to nature’s call, you must not hold back forcefully for a long interval of time; you should go and immediately attend to it. You must also not try to hold back certain natural responses like sneezes, cough, etc. Even if your throat gets dry, you should have some water.
  • If you sweat at some point in yoga practice, you should slowly dab it with cloth or palms.
  • Keep your movements as slow as possible for maximum impact.
  • Asanas should be followed by pranayama and pranayama should be followed by meditation.
  • After you finish your posture, for 2-5 minutes lie down on your back and breathe in a relaxed manner.

Yoga Workout Tips For Beginners

  • If your body is not adaptable, you may think that it’s hard to do the asanas. Try not to stress if at first you can’t do the asanas appropriately, it will get to be less demanding with reiteration. Solid muscles and joints will bit by bit ease up.
  • In the starting, you can begin with simple asanas that you can do effectively and do them with rhythmic breathing.
  • As a learner, never forget to rest for few moments between two asanas. Have rest depending upon the physical effort put in the asana you have just finished.
  • Wear comfortable clothes preferably cotton.
  • Avoid junk food and alcohol.
  • Try to consume fresh fruits, milk, vegetables. They help your body’s natural course of eliminating lethal waste from your body.
  • Try to get a good and comfortable night’s sleep for better results.
  • For relaxation try to practice Shavasana.


  • Smoking ought to be entirely denied. In the event that you are a routine smoker, begin yoga and attempt to conquer your desire for smoking.
  • Under the age of 12, yoga stances ought to be rehearsed under supervision. Postures should not be retained for a long span and are to be kept up for a brief length.
  • For women, do not perform any kind of yoga practices during menstruation. For pregnant women, yoga has got to be done under direction from an expert.
  • After doing yoga, do not shower or consume water for 30 minutes.
  • Don’t do yoga with a full stomach, if you have had a large meal then wait for at least 2 to 3 hours.
  • During sickness, after operations, when there is gauze either for sprains or breaks, one ought to abstain from Yoga Practice. They can continue yoga subsequent to counselling specialists.
  • Don’t do exhausting workout after yoga.

Image source: Matthew Ragan from flickr.com

Yoga for Weight loss

Do you have confidence in the advantages of yoga yet need an activity class that packs somewhat more punch with regards to raising your heart rate and working up a sweat? Do you like the test and power of a great activity, however, need to address other wellbeing and wellness needs? Assuming this is the case, consider attempting a session of Power Yoga. This blend of Ashtanga and Iyengar offers the ideal parity to anybody needing to blend it up and not take after the conventional beliefs of either yoga or wellness classes yet appreciate the advantages of both. Be that as it may, what truly is the draw of Power Yo

It may have been around for a considerable length of time in any case Power Yoga is a relative newcomer with regards to energising, fascinating approaches to stay in shape. What’s diverse about Power Yoga classes is that they don’t all take after the same configuration, a long way from it. While there may be general standards, activities, and schedules, the best way to truly see whether a Power Yoga class if for you is to participate and discover for yourself. Instructors have a tendency to adjust classes and acquire their own style. So what’s the request of Power Yoga? Aside, from all the numerous advantages that yoga offers professionals, there are a couple of particular points of interest that give Power Yoga its genuine quality.

For more, we have an article already published in our magazine on Power Yoga, read here.


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