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12 Secrets to Building Lean Muscle We always get impressed by the chiseled bodies in the movies or at the local gym. There are many people that aspire to be that big one day, but their improvements on that department seem lacking for the most part. Going from skinny to ripped is not a process […]

12 Secrets to Building Lean Muscle

We always get impressed by the chiseled bodies in the movies or at the local gym. There are many people that aspire to be that big one day, but their improvements on that department seem lacking for the most part.

Going from skinny to ripped is not a process that can happen in a week or two, more so if you want the physique of a top athlete. There are many factors that come into play for every enthusiast that embarks on the road to building a cross-fitter muscle. If you are committed to achieving the body your dream of and are looking to add more muscle to your body start with these 12 secrets to building muscle:

  1. Diet

Professionals will tell you that the beginning lies in your ability to get your diet straightened out. Before you head down to the gym and abuse all the available machinery, you need to know more about what your body needs in terms of nutrients.

  1. Add more protein to your diet

Protein is essential for athletic performance. They are often called the building blocks of the body. Protein consists of a combination of structures called amino acids that combine in several ways to help create muscles, bone, tendons, skin, hair, and other tissues.

  1. Discipline

You need to stick to your workout and, even more importantly, to your diet. You got into this sport to get bigger. There is no one that got better on a diet of potato chips and little gym attendance. Do whatever it takes to meet your daily goals and never go down one step.

  1. Don’t over train

Once you have already worked out a muscle, that’s it, it’s done. If you continue to over train it, you will actually retard growth. Aim at training a specific muscle twice per week, this can be directly or indirectly.

  1. Hydration

If you want to stay healthy and not feel drowsy when exercising you have to get your water fix at all times. That whole story of 8 cups of water a day might be true but you need a whole lot more than that my friend. While exercising, your body loses big quantities of liquid through sweat. You need to get those levels back up so your body has what it needs to cool your core temperature down and keep your muscles working for longer.

  1. Get more Sleep

At least 7-9 hours per night. What exactly makes sleep so important? It has a lot to do with recovery. If you’re training harder than ever, completing the right amount of sleep is extremely important to recovery. With each workout and training session stress is placed on the mind and body and muscle tissue is worn out with energy levels being exhausted.While you sleep the body releases potent growth hormones which are in charge of muscle repair and growth.

  1. Not going for miracle products

There are lots and lots of supplements on the market that you might get tempted to fiddle with. Supplements are a whole bunch of nothing if you don’t train accordingly. Miracle products are just simply supplements that got injected steroids in the marketing department. There is nothing special to them and you should know that from the very beginning. With the right diet and workout plan, most of the athletes will not even need a sip of whatever you might be tempted in buying.

  1. Proper Technique

Your main focus is indeed to train the body, getting your muscle mass higher and higher up the ladder. You must focus on the proper technique of your exercises. To be more specific, you need to arm yourself with all the knowledge there is about what you’re doing. Knowledge is power and if you want to build muscle you must have the knowledge to do so.

  1. Patience

Getting bigger and transforming your body into its best shape is one of those processes that require very hard work and months on end for even the slightest of results. So, for you to start seeing something, you need that patience. As most things in life, the greatest results are obtained by those who work hard enough to get them and are patient enough to reach them.

  1. Have a Master Plan

You must first know where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Well-structured goals and strategies are the single most important base in the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of your weight training ideals. Goals need to be constantly reappraised, and refocused. Time goes by, new ideals surface, always striving to your ultimate potential.

  1. No quitting allowed

You will get no better if you do not keep going at it. Following your sorted diet and workout plan religiously is the only thing that can lead you up to the desired physique. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

  1. Pushing yourself to little more

It is a logical, proven fact that if you manage one a couple more pounds in your building routine, your body will get bigger. The only way to do this is by trying to push the strings of your limits each time you can.

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